Jennifer Meleana Hee (Bulgaria, 2004–07) left paradise in her mid-20s and moved hee-jto post-Communist Eastern Europe, where she said good-bye to her bikini, and hello to her new best friend — the space heater. In Bulgaria, she worked as a Youth Development Volunteer for a Roma (gypsy) NGO and Orphan Sponsorship International. She extended her Peace Corps service, and then left during her third year, having fallen in love on Myspace dot com. Three years later, she can now say this with a straight face.

Currently, Jenn is a natural foods cook/baker by day and writer/editor by night. She is the editor of the Hawaii Women’s Journal, travel columnist for Chromatic Magazine, and has been published in Worldview Magazine, The Smart Set, and innov8. She is a rock climber, Existentialist, and the proud owner of the only Bulgarian street dog in Hawaii.