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Oct 10, 2011
Fifty Years of Peace Corps Leadership 10 Oct
John Coyne writes: Watching the Peace Corps Hearings 6 Oct
Peace Corps to Re-Open Tunisia Program 7 Oct
Ralph Bolton founded Chijnaya Foundation 7 Oct
Gordon Radley Fulfills Pledge to Fallen Brother 6 Oct
Hazle Shorter Delivered Babies in Malawi 6 Oct
Chuck Ludlam Opposes Peace Corps Monument 4 Oct
Chris Shays Announces Senate Run 4 Oct
Foreign Aid to Take a Hit in US Budget Crisis 3 Oct
Ron Peters was PCV in Philippines I 2 Oct
Taylor Dibbert writes: PC Safety Claims Mostly Baseless 29 Sep
Senate Passes PC Whisteblower Bill 27 Sep
RPCVs Gather at Arlington National Cemetery 26 Sep
Rhoda Brooks is Pioneer Peace Corps Writer 26 Sep
Robert Ford is America’s Man in Syria 25 Sep
Ambassador Kathleen Stephens Departs Korea 25 Sep
Gene Cretz is US Ambassador to Libya 23 Sep
Adam Klein Returns to Mali to Record Album 22 Sep
PC Donates Artifacts to American History Museum 21 Sep
Jennifer Monahan designed and built classrooms 21 Sep
Bill Bull was CD in Madagascar Liberia and Kenya 21 Sep
MacArthur Winner Peter Hessler to Study Arabic in Egypt 20 Sep
David Whitman Directs “Technology Benefiting Humanity” 19 Sep

The First Volunteers? Date: September 15 2011 No: 1543

The First Volunteers?
Ghana RPCV Bob Klein has written about Ghana I - the first volunteers to arrive at their country of service . But now as the Peace Corps prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Colombia RPCV Ronald A. Schwartz writes that, in his opinion, the agency’s account of its early history is flawed and that while the Peace Corps’ web site proclaims that the first volunteers were members of Ghana I, “in fact, the first Peace Corps volunteers were, and are, the members of a group known as Colombia I .”

Senate candidate Chris Shays
Senate candidate Chris Shays

Aug 6, 2011

Peace Corps Needs Chris Shays in the Senate 6 Aug
Peter Hessler Defends Peace Corps China 17 Sep
Congressman wants to end PC program in China 2 Sep
Heather Mangan Deals with a Dream Deferred 12 Sep
RPCVs Sue PC for Volunteer Survey Information 1 Sep
Peace Corps Mourns Loss of Julianne Amundson 31 Aug
Kyung Endres Evaluates Food Security and Nutrition 30 Aug
PCV writes about Image Rights in Africa 17 Aug
Jesse Osmun Accused of Sexually Abusing Young Girls 5 Aug
Courtney Mitchell weds in Asia’s First Same-Sex Marriage 27 Jul
Friends of Sierra Leone Celebrate 50th 21 Jul
Christina Shea writes about Hungarian History 20 Jul
Herman Davis retires to Ghana 19 Jul
Korea Says Thanks to RPCVs 16 Jul
Michael Levy writes Kosher Chinese 15 Jul
Robert Ford Changes dynamic of US-Syria Relations 12 Jul
Last group of Romania PCVs takes oath 8 Jul
Jason Coleman Returns to Africa 3 Jul
Sylvia White Learned about Recycling as PCV 2 Jul
Paul Frommer Created the Na’vi Language for “Avatar” 29 Jun
Senator Isakson champions PCV Kate Puzey 19 Jun
FBI Investigated Sargent Shriver for Communists Links 11 Jun
Kevin Lowther writes of Odyssey of John Kizell 5 Jun