Richard Sitler grew up in Knightstown, Indiana and is a graduate of Blackburn College insitler Carlinville, Illinois. He also studied at The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. He has a wealth of experience as a photojournalist having worked at newspapers in Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Most recently he was on the staff of The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Indiana.

From 2000 to 2002 Richard took a break from his photojournalism career to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jamaica. He was assigned to the rural community of Lluidas Vale where he served as an at-risk youth adviser at the Lluidas Vale All Age School. In 2006 Richard returned to Jamaica as a Crisis Corps Volunteer (now called Peace Corps Response) where he served as a curriculum developer for a community youth training center.

making-peacePeace Corps was a challenging and rewarding experience for Richard, and for these reasons he has continued to be an advocate for Peace Corps. In June 2009, he embarked on an epic journey to document the work and lives of Peace Corps Volunteers serving communities around the world. For more than two years, Richard traversed the planetĀ  staying with Peace Corps Volunteers, experiencing their communities and work sites, and documenting what it’s like to be a Volunteer in the modern Peace Corps. This project culminated in his book Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers.

Sitler is currently promoting Making Peace with the World and working as a freelance photographer.