All photos taken in Jamaica by Richard Sitler (left to right)

A portrait of my host mother, Lucille “Grandma” Lester. I lived in her home for the three months of Peace Corps training. When I returned for Crisis Corps I lived with her family again. This time for six months.

The gang hanging out at Foody’s woodshop. Foody became a good friend of mine, and the log in front of his wood shop, where he contstructed fine furniture, often attracted a group of people who came, relaxed and discussed current events. I learned much about the community there. Foody is seated on the left.

Grade four students Samantha, Sashuana and Trudy Ann do exercises on the computer during class in the Lluidas Vale All Age School Computer Lab.

Women on their way to work in the fields of the Worthy Park Estate walk along a path between the plantation and the school. Here they stop to talk to a student. Some of the women are carrying breadfruit, one of the staples of the Jamaican diet. Breadfruit was brought to the island from the Pacific as a way to feed the slaves.

Isaiah “Brother Vin” Smith visits shut-in Calvin Davis. Davis lived in a small wood dwelling near where I lived. He suffered from a lung ailment that left him incapacatated. I used to visit him, and bring him inhalers. He has since passed away.

My host family sister, Carlene teaching her daughter Princess how to write the alphabet.