To have an announcement made of  the publication of your new book in the Peace Corps Writers blog (RPCVs and PCVs only), send the following to Marian Haley Beil at (your book will not be listed unless all information is provided):

  • full title + sub-title of the book if there is one
  • your full name
  • your country and years of Peace Corps service
  • co-authors, illustrators
  • publisher
  • month and year of publication
  • price of book
  • ISBN number
  • How book can be purchased online if not available at Amazon

To have a book considered for review in the Peace Corps Writers blog:
Send a copy of the book, along with your mailing address, email address, phone number, and country and years of Peace Corps service to:
Marian Haley Beil, 492 Staten Avenue, Apt 1003, Oakland CA 94610.

A word of caution — we do not guarantee that your book will receive a positive review. If it should turn out that you are not happy with the review of your book we will not make alterations in the published review, we will simply remove the review and any mention of the book on the site.