(Note: the Bibliography is under construction. Until all the information is transferred to the Peace Corps Worldwide bibliography database, CLICK to  access the Bibliography at Peace Corps Writers — note it has not been updated since the end of 2008.)

The Bibliography of Books by Peace Corps Writers include the names of 971 Peace Corps Volunteers and the books they have published, and the same information for 52 Peace Corps staff members. We do not include listings of journal entries, magazine articles, etc.

Many book titles and cover illustrations link to Amazon.com where the books  can be purchased. Because Peace Corps Writers is an Associate of Amazon.com, any books purchased using these links earns Peace Corps Writers a small % of the price and these earning are used to support Peace Corps Writers programs.

WRITERS: If you wish to have books added to the bibliography, send:

  • your full name
  • your country and years of Peace Corps service
  • the URL of your website if you have one
  • note if you would like to have your email address published with the listing
  • for each book
    • full title + sub-title if there is one
    • names of co-authors
    • indicate the book is an anthology to which you have contributed
    • the publisher
    • year of publication (Please list multiple books from oldest to newest)
    • the ISBN number of the book to have the book linked to Amazon

Send all to: peacecorpsworldwide@gmail.com