Lawrence F. Lihosit (Honduras 1975-77) sent in the following note on what is happening with Peace Corps books:

File sharing has been in the news for many years, usually about pirated movies and music. The result was a new governmental investigative team called the Internet Crime Claim Center (IC3) and a formatted complaint form to warn computer pirates to cease and desist (see DMCA Notice). Books can also be shared. If you have a copyrighted book and wish to give it away, file sharing might be a valuable tool. However, if you sell your book, you might unexpectedly find others giving it away.

Recently three of five of my Peace Corps books were offered for free downloads without my permission. The site had no listed address or name of a contact person. According to a web search, the host was a company worth more than four million dollars, without an address. One site did note that one fifth of its customers lived in India. I electronically sent a complaint form to the site’s e-contact and the search engine. The download offer evaporated within 24 hours but reappeared on another site for one of my books. This site listed a contact person in Denmark!