Rick in Essaouira, Morocco

Rick in Essaouira, Morocco

Echapbook.com: it is a quarterly online literary publication of fiction, poetry or memoir, usually a collection featuring one author, plus the occasional anthology.  They are trying to provide a launch for new works such as The Old Fever, as well as encouragement to the authors, who are actually paid for their writing (albeit a token). They charge no fee for submissions. They can be reached at:www.echapbook.com/submissions.htm.

Two Peace Corps memoirs were submitted this year. Both were was under consideration, but Rick’s, according to editor and publisher,  Jo-Anne Rosen, was the more compelling of the two.

Rick’s 1980s’ Peace Corps memoir is really about Kenya’s spell–the fever of the place that got into the author’s blood and never left, making a return to everything that came before impossible.  Let The Old Fever cast its spell over you at www.echapbook.com/memoir/gray, where hyperlinks to photos, videos and background articles have been added to enhance and deepen the reading. You may also download a pdf version to print and read at your leisure.

oldfever_email1 Also, let Jo-Anne know what you think about it. Visit the Wordrunner eChapbook Facebook page to comment. Also, this spring 2013 echapbook will ‘publish’ a fiction collection (either short stories or novel excerpts), featuring one author. Submissions are open January 1 through February 24. Guidelines are posted at www.echapbook.com/submissions.htm. Check it out..

As Jo-Anne writes, “If you share our enthusiasm for the stories, poems and memoirs on this site, as well as our conviction that authors should be paid for their work, we hope you will consider supporting us with a small donation. Click here to find out how (and why).”

Here are the details on Wordrunner eChapbooks

Jo-Anne Rosen, Publisher/Editor
Wordrunner eChapbooks

Now about Rick Gray. He was a PCV in Kenya from 1988-90 and then  traveled throughout Africa. Today he is teaching at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, where he was recently named the Spring 2013 Research Fellow for his current book of poems in progress, Christmas in Iraq, set in military zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. His novel, Amongst Monks, was a finalist for the Bakeless Prize for Fiction. He received the Editor’s Award for poetry at MARGIE.