Peter Lefcourt (Togo 1962-64) takes on the French in his New Novel!photo

If you love to hate the French and/or hate to love show business, this just may be the book for you:  Five Americans on the loose at the Cannes Film Festival. Merde happens. Big time.  The French Ministry of Culture tried unsuccessfully to get a restraining order against the publication of this book.  Now finally available for your Kindle or iPad is Le Jet Lag!

What the book is about: As I wrote, five Americans on the loose at the Cannes Film Festival: the ambitious intern resolved to sleep her way to the bottom; the actor who winds up spending seven nights in different beds; the publicist whose job is to make sure the studio’s film does not win an award; the gay head of publicity involuntarily channeling Golda Meir; and, back for an encore (after The Deal and The Manhattan Beach Project), the peripatetic Charlie Berns, peddling the rights to a film he doesn’t own to people with no money. Meanwhile, everyone in France – from the hookers to the Perrier drivers – decides to go on strike. The merde hits the fan. Big time.

Only $3.99 — less than a latte grande at Starbucks. Check it out!