Joanne Roll was a Health Education/Rural Community Development Volunteer in Colombia from 1963 to 1965. She worked with a Colombian nurse and indigenous midwives to develop an UNICEF sponsored Maternal Education program. The nurse taught the midwives basic hygiene and safe practices. The midwives and she then taught the same course to pregnant women. She and her site partner also worked in other health education programs.

When Joanne returned to the US, she worked briefly in Washington DC in a low-level position at the Office of Economic Opportunity, but fled that city for the mountains of the West. She did graduate work at the University of New Mexico in Latin American Studies with an emphasis on Anthropology, and then earned a Masters in Public Administration. Joanne’s main career focus was as a caseworker and rehabilitation manger for agencies serving the developmentally disabled; subsequently she retired to raise her family.

After decades she is once more interested in all things Peace Corps — what it was and what it might become. She has searched for Peace Corps public records in many places, and it is this research she hopes to share.