The Office of the Inspector General of the Peace Corps spent a year evaluating the impact of the Five Year Rule.  This is the first public report that I could find that references the original memo from Dr. Robert Textor in 1961.  That memo became the founding document for Peace Corps Five Year Rule.  In this evaluation, the evaluators begin with the original memo and show that the intent was to link limited tenure and the employment of former Peace Corps Volunteers.  It also emphasizes that Dr. Textor never recommended that tenure be limited to five years.  He recommended perhaps eight years. The report describes both positive and negative impacts of the rule and makes recommendations to Director Williams to formulate polices and procedures to correct the negative impact.  It is vital that the Peace Corps community become knowledgeable about this report and it possible implications for policy and law.

To download the PDF, use this Text to link to:Final Evaluation Report on the Impacts of the Five Year Rule