RPCVs of Colorado are sponsoring an Anniversary Film Series to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps. Tonight the film is “Once in Afghanistan.”

The website for the Colorado Returned Peace Corps states:

Synopsis:  Returned Peace Corps Volunteers recall their experiences as female members of Afghan male vaccinator teams in the late 60s.The women vividly recall trying to convince the women to be vaccinated and their dependence on the Afghan counterparts and the people in the villages. Their stories and photographs go behind the walls where people of completely different backgrounds could recognize one another in spite of their differences. In a world in which messages of hate travel faster than ever before, this is a message of understanding.

There are materials available on line that helps to understand the context of Peace Corps/Afghanistan.  These include:

Walter P. Blass was the first Peace Corps Director in Afghanistan and this is part I of his recollections.


Peace Corps in Afghanistan - List of articles available online at Peace Corps Online by RPCVs and Peace Corps staff.  I found this really fascinating information.


The National Archives has recently posted online some State Department cables. This is one describing programs in Afghanistan, including Peace Corps, during the late 70s.