After you have officially registered your new organzation with your Secretary of State with your mission statement and you have filled out the IRS Form 1023 to apply  for your 501 c3 tax exempt status from the IRS, its time to decide how and through what organizational activities you will work towards you mission.   

*Programs.  Decide what program you want to do, determine the goal of the program, the objectives of the program and the expected outcomes.  This will help you as you begin to search for funding to support the program. Also, decides if this is a one year or multi-year program because that will help you determine which foundations might support your program from an annual grant or a multi-year grant perspective.

Once you have decided on the program, now you have to staff it.  And for the purpose of identifying foundations that support your mission, you have to describe the program on paper, create a budget for the program which you have to include in your grant proposal to the foundation and include your IRS Determination letter.  If you have not yet received your IRS Determination letter, you will need to consider finding a fiscal agent (another 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization to receive your grant from a foundation or individual donor if they require that the donation be made to a tax-exempt organization).   

Now you need to determine salary of progam manager and what fringe benefits the organization will provide.