Leo Cecchini (Ethiopia 1962–64) was yet another member of Ethiopia I — it was so early in lcecchini-1the history of Peace Corps that the group had its farewell party in the White House with John Kennedy. Leo taught geography at a high school in Asmara, now the capital of Eritrea, and coached the school’s soccer team to two league championships.  From there he spent 25 years as a US diplomat, mainly promoting American trade and investment with the world.  He “retired” to become the first managing director of a joint Turkish-American public relations company in Ankara, Turkey.  That initial venture into private business was followed by working with the first black owned property development company in South Africa, managing director of a South African owned company in Orlando, Florida, a Wall Street stock broker,  managing director of a clothing maker in London, partner in a wine importing business in Washington D.C., real estate agent in Florida, and now an investment adviser.  Leo is a native of Washington D.C., has a degree in economics from  the U. of  Maryland, and speaks five languages.