President Obama and his NATO cohort are condemning Russia’s delivery of humanitarian assistance to people in Eastern Ukraine who are being bombed into submission by their own government.  The aid was inspected several times including by border customs officers.  It consisted in the main of baby food, water, generators, and bags of flour.  Obviously the bags of flour will be used to beat up the attacking Ukraine army and militias.  Not sure how the baby food will be used.

Obama has a fixation about Putin and will not even accept the latter trying to help in this deplorable situation.  Obama ascribes dark meaning to anything Putin does, far cry from when Putin got Obama out of his pickle in Syria, remember, “Do not cross the red line?”

Meanwhile Putin and his brilliant foreign minister Lavrov are huddling on their next move to outsmart the bumbling West.

Fortunately, Chancellor Merkel of Germany is in Ukraine instructing the “Chocolate King,” President Porashenko on what he can get from the Russians when he meets them next week in Minsk, Belorussia.   I am sure she is painting a compromise for a ceasefire between the Ukrainian army and rebels, that will allow Russia to keep Crimea, greater autonomy for Eastern Ukraine, especially in making their economic alliances, and Russia moving back from the border.

The US team is playing out of its depth.