Glad to hear that Rambo is alive and kicking, only this time he wears a suit and carries as his weapons a pen and a telephone.   While you may not have seen the Rambo series of macho films you are all familiar with the line in so many movies, “if you take this assignment you understand that the US Government will deny any connection to you.”

It use to be that secret extra-territorial lethal operations were done at arm’s length with the government denying anything to do with extra-territorial killings and seizures.  Now we run it on the front pages and dance a victory dance.  I speak here of using drones to kill people in distant lands without warning the governments in whose lands where we make the kills.   Also, clandestine operations to seize foreign citizens in their homes without asking local government permission to take one of their own.

Imagine the public outcry in the USA if the Russkies seized a US citizen through a clandestine operation and whisked him or her off to a jail cell in Moscow.   We would be furious and demand the immediate return of such citizen and substantial compensation to the victim.  Imagine the histrionics of one of our very capable lawyers arguing in a civil action against the Russian government calling for millions if not billions of dollars (rubles not accepted) in compensation.

Oh, but the US can do this while others may not because we operate  under the motto “right makes might” and not “might makes right.”  Of course God is on or side as well so that makes it even more “right.”

One thing I have learned in over 50 years living and working in many lands, we Americans are not granted privilege over other peoples. All men are created equal and enjoy equal protection under the law does not end at the water’s edge.  So while I accept Rambo taking matters into his own hands and accepting full responsibility for his misdeeds, I do not accept his neatly attired comrade in arms doing this as the leader of a nation supposedly committed to the equality of all nations and peoples.