“I’m a man from Iraq,

but I’m not going back,

’cause I’m buying a 7 - 11.”

So goes the opening verse of a song sung by its composer here on Ft Myers Beach.   Perhaps  President Obama should buy a “7 - 11″ and shun going back to Iraq.  I watched RPCV Chris Matthews spin a tale about “W” having made the mess in Iraq that is coming home to roost.   How convenient. “”W” is the only American president to get us involved in a foreign internal squabble.  What about Billy  Clinton bombing the s__t out of our only friend and ally east of the Elb River,  Yugoslavia, to set the Balkans free and create mini-states that still cannot draw down the hostile forces on their borders?  Or the “Big O” taking out the “Clown of the Desert” in order to unleash the chaos that led to our ambassador being murdered?  For that matter what about President Truman getting us involved in an Asian internal struggle that continues 65 years later?  Or President Kennedy getting us into the biggest blunder, Vietnam?   If “W” got us into Iraq he had plenty of precedence and successors.

But I digress, Matthews is little more than an able spin meister for the Democrats.  The real issue is war and more precisely, when should be take on this most damaging undertaking.  Make no mistake about it, war is a disaster for everyone.  Contrary to the mantra of many, war is not good for the economy.  If one surveys the history of economic growth for the world he sees that the dips come with war and ensuing chaos.  The peaks come with peace.  And contrary to what many believe, war is not an effective means of population control.  During the entire Vietnam War the highest population growth rate was found in North Vietnam.   Sure, war has always invented new means to kill and some of these means have become important technological achievements, e.g. German buzz bombs becoming rockets to the moon.  But basically war is a step back in human progress.

I even harbor opposition to our own revolution.  Our neighbor the the north, Canada, won its independence from England in 1867 without a shot being fired.  No doubt we would have done the same and most likely earlier.  And we would not have had to engage in our bloodiest conflict, the Civil War, since England abolished slavery in the early 19th Century.

And who says we needed to delve into WWI and WWII?  Our doughboys arrived in France in 1918 as the war there was winding down. And does anyone really believe the Germans could have continued to control millions of angry Frenchmen in the 1940’s?  Or that Germany could have really conquered Russia?  Or that Japan would have invaded the USA (it attacked Hawaii but did not invade it)?

No, we can just say “war is hell” and there is no reason to promote hell on earth.