President Obama had a brief discussion with President Putin at the D-Day celebration in France.  And anyone who believes this was an “off-the’cuff” conversation hasn’t a clue about how such things are done.  The meeting was orchestrated and that it took place is significant.   Since it appeared to have been cordial one could assme it was productive.

Candy King come President Poroshenko of Ukraine was also at the celebration,  presumably to  check on EU members’ real positions on his country’s delicate political dance.  Poroshenko has staked out a middle road policy of not pursuing EU adhension at this time but standing tough on putting down opposition forces in Eastern Ukraine.  Those forces are called Russian stooges by the West but Putin has not been able to control  them, giving the lie to these Western shibboleths.

My bet is that this will work out with Ukraine giving more autonomy to regional administrations that will allow greater economic adhesion with Russia.  Ukraine may yet be the glue that holds Europe together rather than the flash point for a greater conflict.