Stunning, a writer named Remnick, who writes for the New Yorker, and who is reputedly an “expert” on Russia, claimed on a Sunday morning news show that Vladimir Putin “instigated the uprising in Ukraine.”  All the world knows that it was an uprising of pro-West protesters in Kiev that led to the ouster of Ukraine’s president and his entire government.

This example of blatant lies in an attempt to alter the news has run amok in the Western press that is petrified by a Russia taking advantage of events to increase its influence in the world.  Putin did not cause the Kiev revolution but he is very ably using the strife and conflict that it created to further Russia’s aspirations.  He has already annexed Crimea which would never have been possible if Ukraine had not split along ethnic and historical divides.

As long as the West continues to cast the struggle in Ukraine as a “power grab by Putin” and not the result of long smoldering resentment and a deeply divided population it will continue to get it wrong leaving the field open for the Russians to exploit.

Oh, by the way the Ukrainian people are voting for a new president today.  The result is already known, no matter who is elected, the so-called “pro-Russian” protesters will not relent in their pursuit of greater regional autonomy.

I am personally interested in who wins.  The favorite is Petro Poroshenko, the so-called “Chocolate King.”  While living in Ukraine I called on confectionery manufacturers seeking products to import into the USA.  I talked to Poroshenko’s company among others.  The most interesting product was a chocolate covered intensely decorated cake that is popular during Easter and other holidays.  I did not take on confectionery  products but am wondering if the “Chocolate King” will remember me.