Today’s “Morning Joe” news cast carried the most egregious spin I have seen in some time.  The news out of China is that Russia and China have concluded an agreement for massive delivery of Russian gas to the mighty Chinese economic machine.  It is truly the “deal of a lifetime” since it will carry through for the rest of the two countries’ leaders’ lives.  Once more Vladimir Putin pulls a rabbit out of his hat leaving the West speechless and left to a feckless  ”spin” campaign.

The brilliance of the move is that it is a direct and powerful response to the West’s attempts to use economic sanctions to pressure the Russians into easing up on Ukraine, as well as Syria and Iran.  The Russkies are not dancing to our tune so we will force them to do so.  Well the new deal renders the economic sanctions toothless since it guarantees Russia 30 years of gas exports.  Even more brilliant, the Russians can now pressure the Europeans by threatening to reduce the gas they supply since it has a new major customer.   And if this were not enough to show how adept Putin is, he has stolen the thunder from President Obama who promised to “reset” our relations with Asia by bold new moves in our policy toward China, Japan and India.  Rather than Obama it is Putin who has reset his country’s policy with its old ally China.

In the most absurd spin,  ”Morning Joe” claims that Russia and China are “scared” of the US gaining control over the world’s natural gas market through our “fracking” boom.  The spin is that the US could shove Russia out of the market by exporting its gas to those now dependent on Russian gas.  What nonsense!  Major gas exports depend on pipelines and no one envisions a gas pipeline under the Atlantic from the USA to Europe.   The silly talk about sending gas as liquified natural gas (LNG) in ships is about as insane as saying we can replace the Keystone Pipeline with railway cars carrying oil from Canada to the US Gulf of Mexico Coast.   It ain’t going to happen.

No question about it, Putin has scored another coup showing his continued mastery of the world chess board.  The US has always crowed about being a power on both major oceans.  We are now seeing the real two ocean power flex its muscles.  And no amount of “spin” can change the equation.