Boy the media is chock a block with articles about Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016.   However,I am focused in this year’s elections for Congress and state and local government posts and leave 2016 to after these are over.

Much ado about Hillary’s health and she did have that fall a year ago or so that was never fully explained.  From what I read it sounded like a TIA or “min-stroke.” which is quite common among the senior set.   I also note that she has gained much weight while Bill seems to keep getting thinner.  Whatever her condition she will have to make the decision to run and expect her physical condition to be a campaign issue.    We all remember our RPCV colleague Paul Tsongas who took alot of heat about his cancer when he ran for President and eventually dropped out of the race and substquently succumbed to cancer.

And now Moncia Lewinski is telling her side of her romance with Bill.  I am sure Hillary will be challenged on this point as well.

My view comes from her foreign policy record as Secretary of  State.   As a former State Department Offficer I took a look at how the Foreign Service veiwed her work.   Many said she was good with the staff others said she was dismissive.  I would guess she was right with her predecessors.

Her understanding of foreign affairs was not on  par with “Der Henry” or “Condi” but good.   And she brought considerable domestic political experience to the party.

No, I believe that the harshest arrow to be shot at her will be her totally mysterious statement, “what difference does it make,” when responding to a question in a Congressional hearing into the Benghazi tragedy.  Yes, the victims were dead and gone but clearly we did want a full disclosure about the event.   One could apply her question to almost any statement made about a past experience, “it’s over and gone so how does it affect us now?”  Well as the words chisled into the National Archives Building so elequently state, “What is past is prologue,” does mean that history is there to guide us in the future.   So all the details of the Benghazi murder are important, no matter how long after the event they are uncovered.   They do make a “difference.”