Carbon dioxide is the very stuff of life on earth.  Plants consume carbon dioxide using the carbon for food and expelling the oxygen as “waste,” the “waste” that we breathe.  All life depends on this basic process.  And our plant life is declining.

The earth is basically a cold place with an average temperature of 60 degrees F, a temperature at which the naked body dies of hypothermia in less than an hour.  Man in his natural state can only exist in a band extending ten degrees north and south of the Equator.  Living beyond that band requires artificial, read man-made, devices - clothing, shelter, heating.   Around the world people die from excessive  cold at a rate of 10 to 1 to those who die from excessive heat.

All earth scientists and those from related disciplines know that the most seriously declining natural resource is fresh water.  This is a problem for more communities than any other resource.

So now we have the recently released National Climate Assessment stating that the main problems caused by  ”climate change” (forget global warming) are too much carbon dioxide, too much warming of the earth, and too much fresh water (rainfall).  The mind boggles.  Instead of heralding  ”climate change” as the salvation of the earth it is being cast as the doom of our planet.

I repeat my main reply to “global warming” or “climate change,” it can’t come fast enough.   Instead of viewing this process as an evil, I see it as a good.  We need more fuel for our plant life, we need higher temperatures to inter alia reduce burning  fossil fuels to keep us warm, and God knows we really need more fresh water.

The science that shows a warming trend or change in climate is not the problem, it is our understanding of what it is and our reaction to it.