Benghazi has a special place in my family’s history.   My grandfather, Nicola Cecchini, was stationed at a desert post in the Italo-Turkish War for Lybia in the early 20th Century.  He did so well in what was considered to be a certain death post he was given a pass to visit Benghazi.  As soon as he got to the port he changed his militry garb for civilian clothes, took a job on a boat feeding coal to the engine, got back to his home in Italy, sold his small holding, left his rifle on the mantle of the house and fled to America.  He settled in Washington DC and never returned to Italy, convinced that he would be hung for desertion if he did.

I attended a luncheon yesterday where an American Admiral presented some startling new revelations about the murder of our Ambassador and several other Embassy staff in Benghazi. The two most remarkable were first, our Ambassador was apparently targeted for a kidnapping with the hope of exchanging him for an Islamic terrorist we hold in prison.  The second was that he had been ordered by Secretary of State Clinton to make the trip to the post which all knew was not safe.

The Admiral is part of a group pressing for a full investigation of the matter by a Congressional select committee.  And clearly any such investigation would be highly political since it would run Hillary Clinton through the ringer.

The Admiral talked about how his hand was stayed by two Secretaries of Defense to their regret.  One action he proposed would have prevented the mass murder of our marines in Beirut, I believe, thirty years ago.  The other would have prevented the  Benghazi killing.  No question, this is a man who was present at some of our most regretable incidents in recent history.  His basic message was that there is a tendency in the American government to be soft on Islamic terrorism.  And this soft approach has led to disaster.

While his presentation was basically geared to warning about lax attitudes toward Islamic terrorism, the major import is the impact of a select committee investigation of Benghazi on Hillary Clinton’s political future.   The 2016 campaign begins.