Rebellion and its brother revolution, which is defined as a successful rebellion, are serious business.  They incur loss of power, position, wealth and ultimately blood.  Our Founding Fathers pledged their “lives and sacred honor” to our revolution knowing full well that they would probably be hanged for treason if they failed.

With this in mind I am amazed at those who in today’s world launch rebellions and then recoil in shock when there is great bloodshed.  I speak here of Syria where the people have risen up against its regime only to see thousands dead and millions in exile.  What did they expect, for the government to simply fold up its tents and steal away in the night when faced with upheaval?

The current front page confrontation lies in Ukraine where “pro-West” groups rebelled against the duly elected government, forcing out the country’s president and his administration.  Why are they now surprised to find “pro-Russian” groups engaged in “counter-revolution?”

No, rebellion and revolution are serious, lethal acts.   Anyone who engages in these insurrections should be prepared to suffer the consequences and not yell “foul” when they pay the price in blood and purse.