Why limit keeping children on parents health plans to age 26?  Why not allow them to stay as long as they like and their parents will accept?  What magic happens at age 26 to make a youngster better able to have his own health care plan?

Of course the 26 year old rule had nothing to do with exact science, rather it was simply a number picked from the ether.  But then much of the “Affordable” Health Care Act was created out of whole cloth without any real attention to scientific fact or calculation.  Hell, we still don’t know how much the program will cost in Federal subsidies.  Nor does anyone really understand how the subsidy will be paid by tax credits.  The IRS is in panic mode trying desperately to gear up to make these calculations.

If “Obamacare” has had a lot of rough going so far, one can but wonder what will happen when the Feds find that tax credits will not balance the subsidies they will have to pay and force them to use deficit spending to cover this cost.  For you see, there is no federal budget item for Obamacare, it was intended to pay for itself from tax credits and savings in Medicare.

No, the real problems with Obamacare will only be seen when it comes time to pay the piper.  And if it has reeled under major flaws so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet.