Apparently Republican David Jolly’s win in the special election recently held in Florida for a seat in the US House of Representatives over a leading  Democratic light, Alex Sink, has Democratic members of Congress shying away from Obamacare in their campaigns for election this November.   I hear that Democratic Congressmen are urged to say that the new law has changed so much it is not what they voted for in 2009, so they should not be blamed for its failure to date.

We all remember then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement, “We have to pass this legislation to see what is in it.”   Now that we see the multi-challenged law coming apart in front of our eyes we can rightly accuse those who voted for it of being negligent in not reading the law before voting for it.

I have said all along, what started as a long overdue  effort to lower the cost of health care for all,  has become a royal mess that will collapse of its own weight.  And it will be a bat to use by Republicans on their Democratic opponents in this year’s elections, as Jolly did in Florida.