Naples, Florida is by all accounts a rich man’s paradise.  It enjoys a tropical climate with fine white sand beaches and all the fun and games South Florida can provide.  Its Philharmonic Orchestra is perhaps Florida’s best and since 2006 it has its own resident opera company and I sang in its first production.  It is one of two cities that have two Ritz-Carlton Hotels.

Its population enjoys the sixth highest per capita income in the USA and the second highest number of millionaires per capita.  The city proclaims that it has more homes owned by CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies than any other in the USA, of course many of these homes are part time residences.

Registered Republicans in Collier County, where Naples is located, out number registered Democrats by a ratio of 2 to 1, a ratio unseen in any other  county in the USA.

Given all this I was surprised to hear of a a new political action group being formed in Naples, “The 1% For Obama.”  The reason for this curious movement is that the super wealthy have done very well under President Obama, in fact they are the only part of the electorate that has done well during his term of office, and they want to keep the party going.  In fact they are proposing petitioning to allow Obama to have a third term.   Not surprising this movement is very well heeled and can spend a fortune trying to keep Obama in office.

What a contrast to Obama’s  oft stated goal to improve the lot of the “Middle Class” at the expense of the well-to-do.  But then most Neapolitans humbly consider themselves to be part of the “Middle Class.”   Glad to see that the fat cats know who keeps them in clover.