What is it?  Why do so many prominent politicos look like former prize fighters?   I speak here of Congressman Darrell Issa, Senator Ted Cruz, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Ukraine’s opposition leaderVitaly Klitchko, who is indeed a former World Heavyweight Champ. Why do so many in politics look like filmdom’s Liam Neeson with a nose broken by boxing?

Do we see a trend here?  Perhaps the first test to pass to be a candidate will be if your nose has been made crooked by having been battered.  In this case Greenbay Packer quarterback Ben Rothlesburger would be a prime candidate for president.

Perhaps it is just a manifestation of what I consider to be the major trend in politics, the gender divide.  On the male side we can expect a call for candidates who personify the “manly man” look.  While the ladies will seek a candidate who can stand toe to toe with a “manly man.”  No room here for pretty boys or pretty women, unless the latter can pack a punch.

Sean Connery for Prime Minister of the UK?