Ukraine still captures the headlines.   I saw “The Girl with the Golden Braids” (Yulia Tymoshenko) on TV when she showed up in Kiev’s main square to speak to the multitudes.  She was in a wheelchair and looked frail, not the strong Valkyrie of a few years ago.  A newsman reporting from Kiev said the mood of the protesters is to get rid of all the current crop of politicos who are all charged with massive and wide-scale corruption.  That would include Tymoshenko since she has been involved in some shady natural gas deals.

The only leader who owes no allegiance to anyone is Vitaly Klitchko, the former heavyweight boxing champ of the world (his younger brother is now the champ).  I have followed Vitaly’s career since my time living in Kiev.  His entire boxing career was spent in Germany where he trained and fought most of his bouts.  He is a superb athlete and great boxer who has never been knocked down much less knocked out.  His two losses came from injuries, e.g. a  cut over an eye.  His doctorate degree is in sports physiology.  He is a national hero.

As I said, Klitchko is in debt to no one, he is a self-made millionaire from boxing.  He does have strong ties to Germany, so is no doubt in close contact with its government.   In essence he is about as neutral a Ukrainian as one could expect and free of taint from corruption.   I expect him to become the consensus leader of the several opposition forces now squaring off for power.