I am appalled by the blatant lies and spin being substituted for “truth and facts” by the media in reporting on events in Ukraine.  The facts are that the elected government sought financial assistance from the European Union and the Russians to overcome serious economic problems.  The EU responded by saying that Ukraine had to renounce formal ties with Russia before it would even discuss economic assistance.  The Russians offered substantial financial aid in exchange for closer economic ties.  The glaring difference was that the Russians put their money where their mouth was while the EU offered mere glimmers of aid.  The Ukrainian president, who was democratically elected to office, opted for the more tangible Russian offer.  Ukrainian opposition leaders called for protests against the government’s move to more “Russian control.”  The government has opted to put down the protests with force.

I am flabbergasted by the USA calling for sanctions against the Ukrainian government under the guise of aiding those fighting for “”freedom and democracy.”  They are not fighting for freedom and democracy but merely continuing their rejection of the election of the present president at a more violent level.  The charge of moving back to “Russian control” is bogus, no such reunion is planned by either Ukraine or Russia.  As in Egypt and other countries, those who lose in elections are resorting to violent protests, instead of following the US system of building for the next election.  We conducted ourselves brilliantly in Egypt by staying out of the conflict that first tossed out Mubarek and then tossed out his successor Mosri  in exchange for a return to a military regime.  We cannot be blamed for any turn of events in Egypt and, as bad as it has been, it is entirely home grown.

I ask, how can a country that was born from insurrection and fought its most brutal war to put down an insurrection (the South called the Civil War the “War Between the States” while the North called it an “insurrection”) feel justified to get involved when another country puts down an insurrection?   Especially an insurrection against a recently elected government?  What nerve!

There was an insurrection against the newly elected government of Iran some five years ago, next was Tunisia, then Egypt, Libya, and  then Syria.  We stuck our nose into only the Libyan uprising which led to a failed state where death and mayhem rule.  At present the Syrian insurrection continues while new ones have broken out in Ukraine and Venezuela.  No matter how appalling the conflict, the USA must stay out of what are essentially internal struggles for power.  There are no “good guys” and “bad guys” here, just opposing sides coming from different ideologies, aspirations, backgrounds and more.  Outside intervention simply compounds the agony and destruction.  And in the end the will of the majority will rule.

The truly sad issue in Ukraine is that here is the land that could serve as the key link between Western and Eastern Europe.  Here is the route to integration of all Europe into one large entity that would expand the “Pax Europa” that has been built in Western Europe.  I weep for a lost opportunity.

If interested in the roots of the current conflict see my blog of yesterday.