I just saw a well done “spin” on the American public, the movie “The Lone Survivor.”  The film tells the tale of a US military unit in Afghanistan that gets trapped by the enemy and all but one of the four are killed.  The “spin” comes in the form of villagers who take in the severely injured “long survivor” and protect him against Taliban fighters until he is rescued by American forces.  This heroic deed is a subtle rationale for our continued involvement in Afghanistan, we are there to save the “good” villagers from the “barbaric” Taliban.  The “spin” angle is confirmed by the credits at the film’s end to the many US military units that cooperated in its production.

Meanwhile Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, is doing his best to get all American troops out of his country as soon as possible.  He refuses to come to an agreement for the continued stay of American troops past the end of 2014 deadline set by President Obama for their departure.  He has also dismissed billions of dollars of US aid to his country as simply a source of corruption.  Not to put too fine a point on it, Karzai has told the USA that it can withdraw its troops as soon as possible.

It appears as though our administration has got itself into still another foreign policy blunder.  We insist that we must remain in Afghanistan to prevent it reverting to Taliban control.  The movie was an effort to make sure the American public will support this action.  However, our horse in the race wants us out.  No doubt Karzai is positioning himself for survival under a new Taliban regime.

Time for damage control and solving the real problem of getting our remaining forces in Afghanistan out without suffering severe losses.  Not an easy task.  The main route out is through Pakistan which has demonstrated its bias against the USA with its sheltering of Osama Bin Laden for years.  In a clear demonstration of its bias it has now sent the doctor, who assisted the US in getting Bin Laden, to jail.  Getting out via Pakistan will be a dangerous task.

The other routes out go through the former Soviet Union central Asian republics, the countries now referred to as the “Stans,” Kirgizstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and more.  We should not encounter hostilities retreating via these countries but the routes present more difficult passage.

I hope Afghanistan is the last attempt by the USA to build a new democracy on the ruins of a “terrorist” regime.  But then maybe Obama will transfer our troops in Afghanistan to Syria.  We have already torpedoed the peace talks now underway to resolve the civil war in that country by stating at the outset that current Syrian President Assad must go.   So much for America’s deft diplomacy.