There it was, the major change in our society summed up by two cars parked back to back.   One was the last model of the Corvette and the other the new model.   They spoke quietly but firmly of  how we have changed our view of the world.   The old model soft and round with an understated power and elegance.   The new model with straight planes and lines aimed ahead like an arrow or wedge crying out aggression, power and force.

Has the terrible shock and hurt of our still stumbling lackluster economy changed our attitude toward life?   Have we lost our soft, comfortable understanding of life to a world seen through  pain and agony with the only escape being a hard edged aggression?  Not fertile soil for the changes urged by Pope Francis.   In fact it would seem that there appears to be precious little hope for a more “humane” society.

But then what do automobiles really reveal about our nature?   Well what about pick-up trucks, Hummers, muscle cars, street rods,  Ferraris, SUVs, and yes antiques driven by human antiques?