I went with my hosts this week in Sacramento, California to dinner at their community club house where we sat with some lady friends of their’s.  During the table discussion I asked the ladies if they knew the divide along which American politics is dividing?  In unison they all replied, “the gender gap,” or male versus female.  I was mightily impressed that what I have been postulating for some time is now generally recognized.  As I said to the ladies and many others, the political parties will soon adopt the male and female symbols, a circle with arrow for men and a circle with plus sign for the ladies. 

Women are still on the war path to overthrow male domination of our society and install a female regime.  We hear constant demands for greater female representation in all sectors of our society.  Of course this flies in the face of reality where women comprise 60% of university graduating classes, soon to be the majority of lawyers, overwhelm the teaching profession, hold most of our wealth, and in my own field, constitute the majority of incoming Foreign Service Officers. 

So now we see the ladies turning their guns on politics where they are demanding greater representation in elected offices and in the political process.  Men are retreating, most often into the world of sports.  “How about those Giants,” is more often the question than how is the mayor or governor or president doing?  By the 2016 election we will see a very animated female movement to place more of their sisters in elected office with the presidency the litmus test for success.  The real question is how will men respond?  Will they continue to retreat into their “man-caves” of televised sports and games with lots of beer and snacks?  Or will they say “enough” and re-enter the lists?

We see Hillary Clinton as the “anointed” leader of the female onslaught.  Who will lead the men?  Several possibilities but my favorite is Arnold Swartzenegger, a real “man’s man.” and the antithesis of those he disparaged as “girlie men.” 

Yes, the political divide between men and women is galloping full tilt toward future elections.  May the “best man win.”