The race for governor in Virginia was much closer than anyone predicted.  For me the main feature was that about two thirds of women voted for the Democrat while men voted mainly for the Republican.  Further evidence of my theory that our politics are dividing along gender lines.  I predict that the party symbols will be the male and female symbols in a dozen years or so. 

The new mayor of New York is reportedly as far left as one can be and still win office.  The question is will he continue the rigid policing of the city that turned it away from the outrageous crime jungle of the 1970s and to the peaceful, prosperous city of today. 

Governor Christie’s win of a second term in New Jersey certainly puts him into strong contention for the Republican candidate in the 2016 election but then who really knows what will happen between now and then.  He does seem to have lost some weight so at least he may be still healthy by the next presidential election.

In the aftermath all are examining the role that Obamacare played in the election.  And the health plan will definitely be a factor in next year’s off-year elections.