Obamacare continues to dominate the news.  I am already affected by the new law.  As of January 1 of this year my Medicare premium rose 60% to $160 a month, most pay only $100.  I called to inquire about the smart increase and was told by Medicare that my higher payment was based on my “income bracket.”  I replied that while my wife’s income bracket rose smartly, that did nothing for me since I still rely on a modest government pension and occasional fee for service income.  Medicare’s reply, “well you are married.”  So while I do not get any benefit from my wife’s good fortune, I get to pay for it. 

Obamacare also seeks to eliminate my health care plan, a Medicare Advantage plan enjoyed by over 10 million Americans.  So far Obamacare has caused me hurt and no relief.  

I now hear that many others will see more pain than gain from Obamacare.  Some are losing their health care plans all together.  Some see smart increase in their plans.  More importantly the government’s online access to health care plans is hopelessly stymied by system glitches.  Fortunately several private company exchanges offering Obamacare plans are functioning well. 

I tried a couple.  The notable part of their offers is the high deductible required, from $2000 to $10,000 a year.  In other words the plan does not pay your costs until you have paid a considerable amount out of pocket.  In no case did they compare well with my Medicare Advantage plan. 

While these are the everyday problems facing Obamacare the main difficulty facing the program is the still unknown total subsidy the Feds will have to pay to bring health care insurance to all.  The assumptions about income levels and other factors taken into consideration in setting subsidies for each applicant allow for a wide range of subsidy expense.  Moreover, the estimates were based on how many currently uninsured would be covered and did not take into account subsidies for those who drop their current insurance and flock to government subsidized plans.  If the present system is stuck over subsidy calculation for the currently uninsured, imagine what will happen when those who switch from their present insurance to Obamacare plans need to be calculated.

Back in September I urged funding for Obamacare since I am convinced the program will topple under its own weight.  So far I seem to be on the money.