It appears to me that the cause of the failure of the web site for Obamacare was its inability to calculate subsidies for applicants.  This is precisely the concern I have had about this program since the beginning.  The Feds have absolutely no idea about how much this plan will cost in Federal funds.  Those who nailed it together never looked carefully at who would really apply and how much subsidy would be required.  They used assumptions to calculate at first that it would cost $900 billion over 10 years, a figure that has grown to near $3 trillion at last count. 

It is now abundantly clear that this blind estimate led to computer programs that cannot calculate on scales that run to God knows how much in Federal funds.  We will probably see soon an announcement that the web site will be closed until the Feds can recalibrate cost assumptions to much higher levels than assumed.  But even that will not work.

Well before the Federal government shut down I called for funding Obamacare.  I did so saying it would fall because of its own weight.  So far my prediction seems to be on target.