So the “Governator” may run for president.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is playing with the idea of running for president.  The immediate reply will be that he is not a “natural born, citizen.  But then nor were our first half dozen presidents “natural born” citizens.  If he decides to run I am sure the Congress would quickly pass a law to allow this.

If he does run what would be his chances?  Well he followed a very successful career as a movie star with one and a half terms as governor of California, our most populous state.  In this respect he would be following in the footsteps of the “Great Communicator” Ronnie Reagan who won a second term with the largest landslide in American history, he took 49 of 50 states.   Arnold, like Ronnie, enjoys widespread name recognition and is seen as being as affable as “Saint Ronnie.”

More importantly, his candidacy would mesh well with the major dominant trend in US politics, the rise of women.  The ladies have joined other “minorities” in a grand coalition that is hammering men, especially white men.  White men make up the core of the Republican party and will be looking for a “real” man to lead their return to power.  Arnold not only appeals to these male voters but also to the ladies who prefer a masculine male.  To get an idea of how many women share this preference just ask them who was the best James Bond.  They will reply Sean Connery who defined a virulent, manly man. 

So not so far fetched an idea.  Arnold may be just the right tonic for a party reeling from defeats by the “rainbow coalition” led by women.  Who knows, “Conan the President?”