Two major traumatic events loom large.  First, I see a great struggle arising in the Moslem world between the various factions convinced that their own interpretation of the Quran and Mohammed’s guidance, peace be upon him, is correct and the others apostate babble.  Second, I see the division in US politics becoming a real schism. 

The “Great Holy War” for Islam will not be against infidels but against their own.  Why do I see this?  The vicious war in Syria pits Muslim against Muslim, ditto strife in Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain, who differ in their perception of the correct “truth” of the Quran.  Meanwhile strife in Turkey and Iran pits the religious against the secular.  There is a struggle for the soul of Islam that is generating constant turmoil and that turmoil threatens to become a major conflict not unlike the wars between Christian armies five hundred years ago.  So rather than focusing on how Muslim zealots threaten non-believers, our attention should be on what a war for domination in Islam itself may affect the entire world.  

The current Federal Government shut-down points to the growing divide in America’s body politic.  We have seen this in our more recent elections.  The political divide appears to closely follow the divide between the haves and the have-nots.  On one side we see a very effective “rainbow” coalition of many diverse interests and concerns.  On the other we see an amalgamation of commonly held beliefs.   The difference now is that what has in times past been differences that could be bridged with political compromise has become a “Great Political Schism” that is rendering effective governance impossible.

These two major upheavals promise to dominate national and world affairs for the foreseeable future.