Well my Rays won and they now face Boston in the American League playoffs.  Oddly enough the Rays are probably the only team that can beat the every impressive Boston team.

Things are not so promising on the government shutdown front.  Neither the President nor the House Republicans appears ready to compromise on the continuing resolution (CR) needed to maintain federal spending at current limits.  We may be in for a rather extensive period of Federal Government partial and ultimately full shutdown. 

Moreover, the fact that we must raise the federal debt limit by Oct 17 will intensify the problem.  The debt limit issue will also pitch the president against House Republicans, thus there will be two major issues impinging on normal federal government operations.

While similar in effect, i.e. closing down part or all of federal programs, the funding impasse is different from the debt limit impasse.  A stymied funding issue means there is no authority to spend money while a debt impasse means there is no way to borrow funds needed to fill the shortfall between tax revenue and expenditures.  The Feds currently spend $4 for every $3 in tax revenue, so borrowing is critical to keeping the government rolling.  The most urgent bills paid by borrowing, funny enough, are payments due on previous borrowing.  The fear here is that if the Feds do not pay on current borrowing its credibility will be shot and confidence in all Fed borrowing will be questioned.

I am not sure now what compromise can be reached on the spending bill, i.e. the continuing resolution (CR) to spend at current levels, since we have no budget authorizing spending.  As I said before we have not had a federal budget authorizing spending in over five years and spending has been authorized with periodic CRs since then.  No one has come up with any viable compromise yet.

In contrast I am sure the debt limit issue will be handled by simply keeping in effect the squestration begun last year that has made across the board cuts in federal spending.  No one has complained enough about those spending cuts to gain sufficient support to jetison the sequestration so it would appear to be poltically expedient to keep sequestration in place.

Meanwhile, GO RAYS!