Well my Rays have to get through the Texas Rangers tonight and then the Cleveland Indians to claim the wild card spot in the American League playoffs.  Rather formidable odds against them, but I still back them.

The other major tension today is if the Federal Government will shut down at midnight.  Fortunately for me my federal pension check comes in before midnight tonight and the next one is due one month later when presumably all the drama between the president and the Congress will end and we will have still another continuing resolution (CR) to fund federal operations.  I say still another, since the Feds have been working on CRs for the last five years.  That’s right we have not had a federal budget in over five years. 

As I stated in my last blog the impasse comes from two implacable positions.  The President has warned he will veto any congressional bill that does not fund Obamacare in its entirety.  The House of Representatives refuses to  fund Obamacare, although the House has now offered to simply delay funding it for a year.  Of course delay at this point is tantamount to ending Obamacare as it is now constructed, so I doubt the President will yield.

If neither side yields the Federal Government will be without new funds as of midnight tonight.  That does not mean it closes shop entirely since funds from previous CRs are still available and the Feds can give IOUs to employees, suppliers, contractors and such.  So only part of federal operations will close following schedules already in place in all agencies. 

I believe the Rays winning tonight has better odds than the Feds not closing down.