Why oh why is President Obama following the same path that “W” did in Iraq?   I thought Obama rejected Bush´s war making.  And now we have him ready to bomb Syria because of “weapons of mass destruction,” exactly the same ratonale used by Bush in Iraq.  What next, Obama standing on a missile launching ship with a big sign, “Mission Accomplished.”

If our military forces could not change Iraq in 10 years of fighting or Afghanistan in 13 years how does Obama believe he can rearrange Syria in a few days of bombimg?   In Iraq we have a still festering sectarian stuggle for power.   Afghanistan will be turned over to the “evil” Taliban when our troops withdraw, the same Taliban we overthrew after Sept 11, 2001.   Oh, this will be like taking out Qaddafi in Libya which has turned into a brutal struggle between competing war lords for power.    Or saving Bosnia and Kosovo which are still subject to ethnic strife.

The contrast betweem Syria and Egypt is stark and our policy on the latter instructive.   We have stayed out of  Egypt´s seemingly endless turmoil even though lots of people have been killed in brutal rebel attacks and government retaliation.   But we have stayed out of direct involvement and any attempt to influence events.    We have let the people of Egypt determine their fate and, while the struggle is appalling, we have stayed out.

But our intelligent approach toward Egypt has been nullified by our return to unilateral intervention in Syria.   How many more such disasters will it take to keep us on the far better tack of our reaction to upheaval in Egypt?

One further comment, I am tired of people who seek to overthrow their government and then complain about being killed in warfare.  The business of war is killing or do they not understand what they do?