The “Coalition of the Willing” that President Obama has tried to assemble to strike at Syria for using “weapons of mass destruction”  (this time poison gas) is falling apart like a house of cards.   The UK parliament denied the PM permission to join.  France’s president is facing stiff opposition from his parliament.  Germany has said no from the beginning.  NATO is not forthcoming.  The Arab League is at an impasse between its members so no help here.  Egypt and Iraq  are against US intervention in Syria.  Turkey’s PM warns that a limited air strike will only prolong the war.  Jordan now refuses to allow use of its territory as a launching pad for any strikes.  And Iran, Russia and China continue to support the Syrian regime and give unspecified “warnings” against any military action against the Syria.

President Obama himself even punted by saying he will leave it up to the US Congress to decide on what to do. At this point it is hard to say how the congress will respond. 

It would appear that the old well of “weapons of mass destruction” no longer delivers sufficient cover for military intervention.  No doubt its credibility was dealt a death blow by Iraq.  And if Obama cannot make a case for military action in Syria to end a brutal war on the merits of the case then he should stay out of this one.