So President Obama will go the same well used by “W” and by his father before him, toss a bucket down and come up with proof that Syria is using “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” albeit it this time chemicals and poisonous gases.  Why can’t he intervene in Syria because it is the “right thing to do?”  Or could it be no one is sure what the “right thing to do” is? 

The Ruskies  are warning us to stay out of an internal squabble.  Their warning comes with arms for the Syrians that could cause our military forces, specifically our air force, some nightmares.  These are Syrians, not Libyans, and well prepared to take care of foreign intrusions in their domestic fight. 

Who would have imagined Obama following in “W’s” footsteps?  Well the big “O” upped the troops in Afghanistan and when our boys come home next year the dreaded Taliban will take their place keeping their front man dressed in native garb.  He sent our planes to knock out Gaddafi and Libya is now being torn apart by Al Queda clones who promise to divide the country into fiefdoms run by warlords.

The last thing I would have expected from the big “O” would be to commit the same mistakes that got “W” into trouble.   As with the Bourbon kings, the big “O” never forgets anything, but then he never learns.