The grim circus in Egypt has become the theater of the absurd.   Long time president Hosni Mubarak, who was kicked out by the Egyptian army following massive uprisings in 2011, will apparently be freed from jail soon.  Mohammed Musri, who was elected in Egypt’s first democratic election in 2012, has now been kicked out by the army following massive uprisings this year and is being held hostage.  The solution being offered now is to have  all inclusive negotiations followed by democratic elections, including Musri’s party.   Makes one wonder what Kool Aid the Egyptians are drinking. 

And the rivalry in Egypt is spreading beyond its borders with the Saudi Arabians supporting the military appointed government and the Turks calling for reinstatement of Musri.  The Turks are also now claiming the coup that toppled Musri and his Muslim Brotherhood was instigated by Israel.  The EU and the USA are dithering about whether to continue to provide grants and loans to the new Egyptian government. 

Meanwhile the war in Syria continues with the latest chapter featuring the massive exodus of Kurds to the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq.  This in turn is fueling Kurdish aspirations for a Kurdish homeland straddling the borders of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.  

Yemen and Tunisia are still seeing constant “terrorist” strikes and rallies against their governments.  Pakistan is roiling with bombings and killings by fundamentalists.  Is there any quiet corner in Islam?