When the Arab “Spring” turned to summer then fall and then winter I started to refer to the Arab “Condition.”  It seems that this constant rejection of those in power continues.  Now Mohammed Mosri has been taken prisioner by the Egyptian military after only one year in power.  The military explained its action by saying it acted “to facilitate the democratic expression of the people.”  Actually it seems as though they acted to avoid a major blood bath.  How quickly the Egyptians forget that it was only two years ago that they sacked their long term president Hosni Mubarek to allow a democratic election for Mosri. 

And in Tunisia the birthplace of the Arab “Spring” they are clamoring for the removal of their “democratically” elected president.  Syria continues its bloody civil war to oust its president.  And the Turks are still not happy with their prime minister.  To be fair there are popular outbursts in several European countries seeking to remove regimes that are imposing harsh austerity measures in efforts to salvage their economies.  And I thought at first that the Arab uprisings were born from economic discontent, especially lack of jobs.  But I now think differently.

It appears to me that the Arab “Condition” springs from  a basic division in Arab lands between those with religious fervor and those who do not want theocracies, e.g. Iran.    This is a more profound issue than jobs and a poor economy and one for which people will die.  I see continued violent strife in these lands.