I am happy to see that the Egyptians have returned to their tradition of letting the military decide who will be president and get rid of those messy democratic elections.  I have been following events in Egypt on Al Jezeera, Russia’s, France’s, Japan’s and China’s international English language news services as well as BBC and CNN.  As a one time “spin doctor” I am mightily impressed by the “spin” being put on what is a military intervention and dispatch of a democratically eletcted president, in fact Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president, an event usually referred to as a “coup.”

I have heard such prhases as the Egyptian military has “facilitated” the democratic aspirations of the “people.”  The removal of President Morsy was a “correction” of the democratic process.  Balderdash, the military arrested the president and his close advisors and are arresting some 300 of his party’s top brass.  In his place they have installed the head of the Supreme Court who was given that post just before being made president.  The military, not the electorate, are installing a new government. 

Oh, what’s that you say, the military had to act to calm rioting in the streets against Morsy.  Seems to me they just did that two short years ago to allow the election of Morsy.  Maybe the old saying that the problem with Chinese food is that one feels hungry shortly after eating applies to the Egyptians.  They seem to get hungry for a new president at the same pace, Morsy has only been in office one year. 

Whatever happens we are headed for a veritable banquet of “spin” on the new turmoil in Egypt.