And now it is Turkey that is going through an “Arab” spring.   Hard to do this since the Turks take pains to explain that they are not Arabs although until the foundation of the Republic of Turkey by Ataturk all writing in Turkey was done in Arabic.  

What is the problem?  Tunisia and Egypt tossed out long time rulers to form new “democratic” governments.  Now they want to toss out the new guys.  Libya, with key American military intervention, eliminated Qaddafi thus taking one of the truly great clowns off the world’s stage.  And now the country seems to be splitting apart along a line established by the Romans over 2000 years ago.  Syria continues to be subject to a vicious war.  What next, a second edition of the turmoil of 2009 when the Iranians elect a new president? 

The reasons postulated for this discontentent are legion - despotic rulers, lack of individual freedom, too much religion, too little religion, corruption, and more.  I would suggest that maybe the main cause is the continuing lackluster economy casting a pall over most of the world.  While not as traumatic as overthrowing the government in Egypt, many European countries are witnessing massive demonstrations against lack of government action or the wrong action to cure the economic malaise.  Even in the USA we had the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

Plenty of folk warned that the economic decline would generate political unrest and I believe this is what we are now seeing.  And the political fires are fanned by the still growing gap between the super rich and the hoi-poloi.  I see ever growing discontent.