This one would perhaps be better left to my colleague Mishelle since she labors in this vineyard.  I received a letter from Thrifty auto rental stating that I had been issued a traffic ticket while using one of their cars in Washington DC in March.  They paid the ticket, $100, from my credit card and charged me $25 to process the infraction.  I called Thrifty to inquire about the matter stating that I was not stopped by the police in DC while using their car so was unaware of any traffic violation.   Thrifty informed me that the DC police issue traffic violations based on cameras taking pictures of infractions.

Well “Big Brother” has definitely arrived.  Now cameras issue traffic tickets.  The speed limit in DC, unless otherwise posted, is 25 miles per hour.  I suspect the cameras could photograph any car, at any time, in any place to find tons of people exceeding the speed limit.  I mean, who really drives at 25 mph in DC?

Now the small thinker would immediately see this as a money spinner for the financially hard pressed DC Government.   But there is a larger possibility.  Perhaps this is a way to stiffle political opponents by serving them with traffic violations on a continual basis until they yield on poltical issues.    Talk about government control.

But there is a bright side.  I asked Thrifty, since the ticket was issued to their car, would there be a violation marked against my record?  They said no, so at least I will not suffer more than the cost of the ticket.