Well we seem to finally be coming out of one of Europe’s coldest and latest winters in years. As in the USA, winter saved its knockout punch until April.  Some friends from England arrived last week complaining of 15 feet of snow and that was in England!  Hard to convince folk about the evils of global warming when their heating bills ran sky high.  Oh, what’s that you say, it’s “climate change” not “global warming,” that is the problem.  Always convenient to change title instead of content when you are not making your point.

While the intense cold made headlines, far more important was the higher level of rainfall during this late winter.  For once Mallorca’s resevoirs are full, ditto for the rest of Spain.  Lots of rain means better crop prospects for the summer.  In fact there seems to have been record rainfalls around the entire world except for California, which may be its punishment for leading the charge against climate change.  No sense wasting rain on those who oppose changing weather patterns.

While the winter was brutal, the summer promises to be very warm.  Add that to the bountiful rainfall and the prospects are good for record harvests.  As I keep saying, rather than waste time trying to stop change, it is far better to adapt to the changes.  Not hard to adapt to more fresh water and warmer, more widespread growing fields.  

Reminds me of a farmer I met from North Dakota who I asked how many square miles he farmed (in North Dakota one speaks of miles of farmland, not acres).  He was not sure of the miles but he said he farmed about one-fourth of the county where he was located.  Then I asked what he grew.  He stunned me when he replied soy beans!  Now soy beans have been traditionally grown in hot, humid areas.  But here a combination of genetically engineered seeds and climate change allowed this farmer to move soy bean production about 500 miles north of its traditional growing zones.

Changing climate patterns offer many new possibilities for farming as long as one sees change as an opportunity and not a loss.