Well safe and sound in San Diego after a motorcycle trip from Florida.  Five days driving interpersed by two days of rest to cover 2500 miles or an  average 500 miles a day driving, who says old boys aren’t tough? 

Main stop en route was Texas (see blog) so I am relecting on what I would call the “New America” or the sun blessed states of our south.  California, Texas and Florida account for 27% or our population and 27% of our GDP.  But the real story is how far they have come since pre-WWII.  In 1940 California had 7 million people, Texas 6.4 million and Florida 1.9  million, by 2013 the numbers are 38 million, 27 million and 20 million to rank 1,2,3 among the 50  states.  Texas and Florida continue to grow fast while California has become stagnant.  This was demonstrated by Texas and Florida gaining two new seats each in the US House of Representatives, following the 2010 census.  While for the first time in almost 100 years California did not gain a new seat.

And what has brought so many Americans to these three states?  Certainly the weather, all have lots of sunshine with the southern parts of each enjoying the mildest climates in America.  California and Texas lead the nation in high-tech industry and all three form the backbone of our space program.  Texas and California are also major energy producing states.   Florida is synonomous with leisure both tourism and retirement.  

While they share certain basic similarities, they do have distinct personalities.  California is the advant garde state setting major life styles for all to follow.  Texas is large and thinks large.  Florida hums to the laid back sound of Jimmy Buffet  But there is no question they are major draws for people from all parts of the country. 

Whatever your personal opinions of these three giants among the states they clearly indicated the future for the USA.  I recommend visiting all three to get an idea of what the “New America” will be.